Another option is to send money to go towards our annual Christmas party – we have a big Tanzanianstyle BBQ, and all children receive personal gifts as well as gifts for their house, depending on how much we have to spend!

We wish to 'protect' both sponsor and child and so we do vet, and interpret when necessary, all letters and gifts before they are given to children, as well as letters sent from the child (again to protect both you and the child). Please do not include your contact information (address, email…) in correspondence with your child.

Where to send gifts
All monetary gifts should be sent via Seeway Trust UK who will make sure we receive it and inform us who it is designated for. You can downoad a Direct Debit form or pay online via PayPal. It is not safe to send money via post.

All other correspondence or gifts should be sent to us at the following address:

Seeway Tanzania
PO Box 379
Usa River
East Africa

Firstly, there is NO obligation on your part to write any letters or to send any gifts to any of our children. You will receive letters/cards twice a year from your child, but there is NO obligation to respond to these.

However, corresponding with your child is always a welcome benefit for the child as well as for you and your family. Information about the world is limited here in Tanzania. Our children always have many questions about different cultures, countries, etc. They can learn from you what it is like in your part of the world, and you can learn about growing up in Tanzania.

Letter writing
Our children do like to receive letters, and love to look at photographs! Letter writing is not a Tanzanian custom, and although we encourage our children to write letters, we cannot guarantee that they will respond to every letter you write with as much enthusiasm as you put into your letters!!

Tanzanian children are just like children in any other part of the world. They love to receive gifts! We are happy for them to receive gifts too, though we do want to ensure all our children are treated equally and that there is no favouritism, so the best gift to give is one that can be shared (such as a book/magazine or game). They also love clothes, and usually share them amongst each other anyway!

If you desire to send a gift other than money to your child we would ask that you first correspond with us here at the SWTz office telling us what you might send. Some items can incur customs duty at the post office and we would need to know ahead of time!

Great gifts (and duty-free) are books (all of our children can read basic English, some are fluent)especially knowledge books, and puzzles. If you would like to give books or other gifts but don’t know what to send, we can give you ideas or we can purchase items here on your behalf, saving you the postage!

Birthday money
We usually give our children a small amount of money for their birthday, so they can buy what they want. If you wish to send birthday money here are some guidelines showing you what we like to do:

3-9 years: For our smaller children we buy small gifts and toys up to £3 value

10-15 years: Our middle-aged children receive £3 from us to spend at the local market

16 and up: Our older children receive £5 from us to spend at the local market

Clothes are also a great gift to send - most of our children like to buy clothes with their birthday money! Others like to buy a pet rabbit or chicken!

Birthday parties
Our children really like parties!! If you would like to pay for your sponsored child to have a special birthday celebration with some of their friends, that is great! It costs around £12 to take a group of children out to eat for lunch (chicken and chips and soda) and to have cake and ice-cream.

Christmas money
The children love to receive new clothes for Christmas! It is Tanzanian tradition for children to receive new clothes at Christmas and then walk around town showing them off and receiving treats from local businesses. If you wish your child to receive something extra for Christmas we are happy to go shopping for you however, clothes double in price starting mid-November so we try to shop early.

£3 is enough for a pair of shoes or trousers or dress or two shirts for the youngest children

£5 is enough for a pair of shoes or two pairs of trousers or two dresses for the middle children

£7.50 is enough for a pair of shoes or two pairs of trousers or two dresses for the older children



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