Nursery and day careIn Tanzania there are very few affordable opportunities for young children to attend nursery school. Most children start primary school aged seven years having had no early years education. They have lost out on the most vital years for learning.

In January 2010 SWTz opened SWTz Nursery School, starting with one class for our own two to six year olds. We also opened the school to children from the local community, primarily those in impoverished situations, but also to some fee-paying students.

Thanks to the amazing fundraising efforts of Christ Church Woodbury (Devon, UK), we have now built our own three classroom nursery school, fully equipped with toilets, and a purpose built kitchen. We have the capacity to take 45 students and we have three qualified Tanzanian teachers. We often have volunteers too, who bring vitality and fun ideas to the classroom.

We provide a quality nursery education taught in English, with Kiswahili as a core subject, to those children who would otherwise not have an opportunity to attend nursery school.

In conjunction with the SWTz Nursery School we offer full day care facilities, to enable impoverished single mothers to work during the day. Many single mums in Tanzania struggle to live as they cannot work and look after their small children at the same time, and they cannot afford to pay someone to care for their children. The social welfare system doesn’t provide benefits, and some mums get so desperate they needlessly put their children into children’s centres when all they need is somewhere safe to place their kids during the day.

After class our students receive a hot nutritious lunch, a refreshing nap, and an afternoon of supervised play.

Many of our students come from families able to pay a nominal monthly fee, however we provide free education to those in situations of poverty. From the non-paying students we have identified some families that need additional help such as food donations or medicine – for example those students who sometimes don’t come to school because they are too hungry and tired.


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